Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remove Antivirus Action - Quickly Get Rid of Antivirus Action Easily

The overwhelming majority of us have to deal with computers for something or other in our lives, and unless the last time you used a computer was in the late 70s, you've heard about computer viruses that are disguised as anti-malware programs. Don't be quick to dismiss these as hoaxes; viruses masquerading as legitimate anti-malware software are a real threat for everyone who uses the internet. One of the nastiest of these threats is Antivirus Action. It infects you in so many ways but it is extremely difficult to remove Antivirus Action.

The Virus is rather cleverly disguised, it even has a GUI and you'll even see an option to uninstall Antivirus Action. Don't waste your time even trying though, the uninstall option is just for show, it doesn't actually get rid of Antivirus Action. The virus spreads all over your system so that it can't be eliminated just by deleting a few files. You can't wait too long before you try to deal with it either, because while it's on your system, it seeks out as much sensitive data as it can and sends it out to less than honest people, who then make money selling it.

Antivirus Action removal is something that you can't delay, but it is very difficult to do. It would be best if you never got the virus at all. There are certain things you should avoid doing if possible:

* Don't add people you don't know to you social networks such as MySpace and Facebook.
* Don't browse websites that you don't know anything about, they may contain browser hijackers; these are usually the first stage of infection.
* Don't install any freeware or shareware that you haven't heard about from friends who are advanced PC users.

You should also know how the virus actually infects you. Initially, you'll be flooded with pop-ups, all but demanding that you install a certain application in order to eliminate a certain threat. What's odd is that the pop-ups will appear even when you aren't connected to the Internet, that's because a browser hijacker is at work. The last thing you should do when this happens is to give in to the pop-ups, the program they are asking you to download is actually the virus.

There are a few brave, but arguably foolhardy souls who try to delete Antivirus Action manually. It's a painstaking process that involves three steps:

* The virus will have an executable file, so there will be.exe and.bat files associated with the virus, they need to be deleted.
* Because it's a program that exists in Windows, it needs.dll and.lnk files too, these will need to be removed as well.
* The virus will want to load every time you boot, so it will write itself into the system registry, there will be entries in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER folders, they will need to be removed as well.

The big problem with manual removal is that you really need to be extremely thorough. If you miss anything, the virus will simply replicate itself and spread again. If you want to remove Antivirus Action totally, it's best to use a removal tool. Removal tools are thorough in ways that manually removal can't, what's more, they know exactly what they are looking for. The great thing about removal tools is that they defend your system against similar problems down the line.

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