Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Customer Is Priority 1: lemon law nys

Whatever you are selling: a product or service, customer satisfaction is your #1 priority. This can only be accomplished by selling a superior product or service than your competition. If it is a product know it! If it's a service make it "World Class". Make certain your customer knows everything about the product or service you sold them and what to do if they have any questions or issues. Pricing is fair not "bargain priced" and not the most expensive.
It is "Fair Market Value and then some". Then some can only be justified by the "World Class Service" they will be expecting and you will be delivering... Have testimonials ready and an unmatched social reputation. Cheating will not bring them back! Anyone can cheat but that is short term thinking. Do you want a good referral business or do you just want to sell and go to the next one?

As a Used Car dealer I want to find the best cars available mechanically service them to make sure my customer is happy. All my used cars are hand picked by me and I speak to every customer before and after the sale! The cars I sell are issueless mechanically. Not only does it have to pass state inspection it must pass my inspection and I don't take shortcuts. If brakes are good for 90 days NYS LEMON LAW I have them replaced, I go through the car before and after it's serviced and I personally drive each and every one. My staff and I relay this information to my customer. If my customer has a problem I have a problem and I will move heaven and earth to correct it. This is a commitment to the customer, my business and my good name.


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