Sunday, August 30, 2009

3 Easy Ways to Earn Money Online Working At Home

Need cash? Whether you need cash to help make ends meet or to pay for extras for your kids, here are 3 easy ways to earn money online that aren't scams.

Earning money online working from home doesn't take a whole lot of extra work. There are 3 simple ways that you can earn extra money whether you work all day or are a stay at home mom. Below I outline 3 ways I earn extra cash while maintaining my stay at home mom status.

Blogging is a great way to earn money online

Do you blog? Who doesn't these days. Starting your own blog and signing up for Adsense and other affiliates can add some cash to your household finances. Blogger and WordPress are both free sites to start a blog, but many pro bloggers do advise that you get your own domain hosting, which is very affordable. Maintaining several blogs will help boost your Adsense earnings, but it is a bit more work. Don't feel that you have to make a blog posting everyday, but at least post an entry a few times a week to keep the interest of your readers. Develop a following and query companies for products to review or for giveaways on your blog to help boost traffic and make your blog a happening place to visit.

My own experience with blogging: I've been blogging for about a year and a half and am very close to meeting the payment threshold for AdSense. Yahoo ads do have a lower threshold, so bear that in mind. Also, some bloggers do like Squidoo, which has some revenue sharing and can work well for some people.

Writing Content can be a fun and rewarding way to earn money online

I write for Associated Content mainly, though I occasionally write content for Textbroker and Bukisa. I have even ghostwritten for a friend who needed help with his overflow. Writing content, if it comes naturally to you, is fun and easy way to earn money online. For quick money, try Associated Content and submit for upfront payment. For Bukisa, you submit for views only, but they currently pay at the rate of $3.45 per 1,000 views. Views can add up quickly if you write about popular topics. Writing online content can help fill in the gaps when you cannot make ends meet, or, at the very least, it can help pay for the extras that make life more enjoyable.

My own experience with content writing: My AC earnings and other writing money is helping me to pay for half of our vacation this year.

Earn cash by taking surveys online - Many companies pay via PayPal

Legitimate survey companies about and before signing up with a survey company to earn money online from home, be sure to check their ranking at There, users rate survey companies and the higher the rank, the better. Remember, though, that individual experiences will vary. Read through for recent bad reports and make your determinations from there. It can take time to earn enough points on some sites to cash in for a monetary reward, though many companies pay via PayPal these days. Be sure you have a PayPal account that is verified and have a dedicated email account solely for survey companies. This helps you not miss out on surveys because some invites could look like spam. Survey companies generally don't have an instantaneous turnaround when it comes to payment, but most generally pay you within a month or two.

My own experience with taking surveys to earn cash: I am signed up with dozens of survey companies at the moment, which helps keep them coming in at a nice pace. I don't qualify for every one, of course, but it is not impossible to earn a few extra hundred dollars per year taking surveys online.

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