Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet addiction is increasing in youngsters

Internet is growing alarmingly all over the world and users are increasing day by day and the most astonishing feature of internet is , though it gives so much valuable informations , these day's youngsters are using it for bad purpose as some do get addicted to it just for time pass and only a minimal percentage of people get involved into extracting usefull information from the internet.Parents has to be carefull about their children when they are young to look into their daily activities and see that they don't get addicted to internet.These day's working parents also doesn't get much time to spend with thier children and hence even children are left on their own to get addicted to internet very easily.They get involve din joining social networking sites, chattinga nd watching porn sites etc.Once it becomes an addiction, it wil be evry difficult for the youngsters to come out of it especially they are still studying as theer are many cases of students bunking regular classes and go to cyber centres to access internet wherein their studies also get effected seriously and most of the times unknowingly and sometimes even brillian students also get trapped by this sort of adiction which is really bad for them.Not only the parents, i feel everybody should be aware of such danger and create awarenes among peopel by conducting seminars, get together's and so on.This problem has to be dealt seriously or else this may go to an unrepairable condition later on.Initiatives has to be taken in the begining of the root problems and even the schools, colleges and all should look into matters like this and see how people get easily trapped in such situations and all.Students might face problems like money, studies, dangerous friendship through internet, get involved in crime etc.Some safety measures has to be taken in all levels to solve this problem.


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