Monday, August 31, 2009

I Need More Hits for my Website

In today’s web 2.0 world you might look at your website and think it needs a complete overhaul because you are not receiving a lot of hits. You are probably thinking to yourself, “is my website technologically advanced enough to draw people to it?” In a nutshell I can answer simply, it does not matter.

It doesn’t matter because it is the content of the website that will get visitors to go there, tell their friends about it, and keep them coming back. Take the social network website MySpace. I would hardly call it a Mecca of technology. In fact compared to other social networks it doesn’t compare on many levels, however it ease of use and what it offers is what makes it the #1 social network on the Internet.

I won’t say that the advice I am about to give you will make you the next MySpace or even close to it, but if your website has something that people like they will go to it, tell their friends and keep going back.

Your website is about something. You could be selling a product, telling about a service that you offer or you could just be posting information about your favorite NFL football team. Whatever it is that makes you an expert on the subject. If you weren’t an expert you wouldn’t have a website for it.

You need to translate your expertise into written format and pass that knowledge along to others. For example, let’s say you are a professional interior painter. You have a website that tells about your services, costs and so on. You want more people to learn about your business and what you have to offer. Since you are a professional painter that means you are an expert. Therefore in order to draw people to your website you need to pass on some knowledge so they will take you seriously and visit.

People are always looking for tips on how to do something and as a professional painter you can give tips on what it takes to keep the walls cleaned how to repair small holes and so on. So our first step in getting people to your website is to write informational and education articles about your expertise. Your articles should be 400 to 700 words in length and should be written in such a way that the reader will take away from it ideas and solutions (exactly like what this article is doing for you).

Now that you have your article written, at the end of the article you need to add what is called a resource box. A resource box informs the reader as to who wrote the article and how you can get in touch with them should they have any further questions or interests. Your resource box would something like this, “Jane Doe has been a professional interior painter for 15 years. You can learn more about Jane at here website {insert your web address here}.” Do you see how this resource box informs the reader of who you are and how to get to your website?

The final step is to submit this article to what are called article directories. These article directories allow you to submit your article free of charge complete with your resource box. These directories receive tens of thousands of hits daily of people looking for good quality content and here you are giving it to them free of charge, aren’t you a nice person.

All you have to do from this point forward is repeat these steps on a daily basis, writing and submitting one article each day and you will be receiving thousands of daily hits to your website. Make sure you have on your home page an area where you can let visitors enter their email address to receive your newsletter even if you don’t have one yet. It would be a waste to get all of these visitors to your website and have nothing to show for it.

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