Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to effectively earn money on the internet.

Using a Niche that corners 30% of search engine's monthly searches, you can earn a residual monthly income.

Every single day people do thousands of searches on search engines trying to find that perfect way to supplement their income or, ultimately, to leave their day to day job and do it full time.

Unfortunately, many people also never succeed and either give in totally or move on to another program that offers insane amounts of earnings each month. Many of these programs require you to buy products, sell things or many other equally impossible tasks so you can earn some money. You
eventually find yourself spending a lot of time promoting the product and getting little or no return at the end of the month for your hard work.

I however, have found a program that pays, and pays handsomely if you are prepared to work on it.

As mentioned earlier, this program utilises a niche in the search engines that is currently occupying 30% of all searches done on the internet: People Searching. Finding out details about people you are looking for; be it debtors, long lost friends, relatives for family reunions, the demand for this is unlimited. With such a large scope of searches done, the market does not become saturated like many other "money making" programs.

You might have heard of this program, it is called Acme People Search. Don't worry if you have never heard of it, I had never heard of it before I joined.

Let me give you some more details about this program. The founder of this program is called Tissa Godavitarne and he has taken the internet by storm, making millions and then turning around and showing others his system and letting them join and make money with him as well.

The concept is pretty easy to understand, you join up with the program and you get your own people engine website installed with your own affiliate links (The website has seven different income streams for you) and here is the catch: you have a free version as well as a paid version. The
free version, which is step one, can earn you $5 per person you refer, and that can take a long time to build up to the minimum payout level of $200. Step two costs you $10 per month (7 day free trial) for your own domain name and web hosting for your own search engine, and step three costs you an extra $29.95 per month. (First 30 days free trial!) If you sign up for all three steps, you can get an impressive $30 per person you refer to join up under you! Tissa even starts up your own advertising program for you and then credits your account with $125, which is effectively your step two and step three payments for 4 months! You then have to only earn another $75 to reach minimum payout. This does not include obviously the other streams of income that can increase your earnings.

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