Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Future Of Business Blogging, What Every Marketer Needs To Know

If you attend this webinar, you will absolutely learn how marketers, just like you, are using business blogs to generate inbound marketing leads and new business.

This is a can't miss glimpse into the future of business blogging and how marketers are leveraging these tools drive demand for their product or service.

Join award winning marketer Chris Baggott, as he hosts What every marketer needs to know about the future of business blogging. October 22, 2009. 2-3 EST

During this Webinar you'll learn:

1. How the landscape of blogging is changing.
2. How to leverage blogs as inbound lead generators.
3. How to chose the right blogging software.
4. How marketers are measuring success.

Only 200 spots available, so register today.

Can't make the Webinar but still interested in business blogging. Check out this whitepaper: Blogging's role in SEO and social networking. Download here.

Get the whitepaper here
Get the whitepaper here

About the Presenter:

Chris Baggott one of the Most Influential Marketers of 2008

Named one of 2008's most influential marketers and author of the book, Email Marketing by the Numbers, Chris Baggott has been a marketing futurist for more than 20 years.

Chris is the co-Founder of ExactTarget and is current CoFounder and CEO of Compendium Blogware.

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Compendium Blogware is a Web-based blogging platform built for businesses and organizations. With its administrative layers and proprietary compending feature that maximizes search engine optimization; the company offers businesses an innovative solution for lead generation, customer acquisition and humanizing their marketing.

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