Friday, October 9, 2009

How to level fast in Farmville

How to level fast in Farmville

Farmville, addicted to harvest Facebook application which will sow the owner of the farm and plow, and sell your own cultures. Leveling up is very quick and easy, you want to know how to get more ...

Here's what you need to level up fast in Farmville:

1. Save avoid as much land to crops, then the acquisition of buildings, the space for crops.

2. Plow as many fields as possible to plow for each field, you gain 1 XP (experience points) for the higher level is necessary.

3. Plant raspberries. Planting Raspberries are the best way to level up because it only 2 hours to plant and harvest, and you get 1 XP per box of raspberries, you plant seeds. So you can plant several times a day, so you will remove more and more every day, so leveling faster.

4. Add neighbors. Add as neighbors as much as possible, because every time you get work in their factories, you 5 XP and 20 coins.

5. Do you have enough space to expand your farm because you can then plant more crops at a time.

So, if you follow these steps, you level faster.

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