Sunday, October 4, 2009

What is auto blogging

 What is auto blogging?
Blogging is a time intensive activity that requires regular on topic posts to keep your readers happy. It can sometimes be difficult to come up with ideas for new posts to keep your blog from becoming stagnant. Auto-blogging can help keep your content fresh.

I am going to specifically look at a tool created by blogger and programmer Kathy who has created a WordPress auto blogging tool. The script comes as a plug in for WordPress 1.5 or higher so you will need to install WordPress on your server if you dont already have it. You can download it from, its free.

What does the WordPress auto blogging tool do?

In a nutshell it parses RSS feeds to produce posts in your blog. This means you tell the script which RSS feeds to read and the script will import the feed, check for duplicates then create a post for each item in the RSS feed.

There has been some arguments over the use of RSS feeds to create content. Some webmasters will state that they specifically do not want there feed to be reproduced on other sites. You should respect this and only use RSS feeds that allow for syndication.

Kathys WordPress auto blogging tool automatically adds attribution to every post so readers can clearly see where the post originated from. This keeps most RSS publishers happy as they get traffic from your site and you get to use free content.

Auto ping

The script will also ping your list of sites that you have set up in WordPress every time a new post is created. This means that many sites will be made aware of your new blog entries.
You can buy the WordPress auto blogging tool from Kathy on her site. I am recommending this script as it is fairly priced and gets the job done.


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