Friday, April 24, 2009

How to Change Blogger Theme | Basic

In this Tutorial I will teach you

how to change your Blogger theme to another Basic Blogger theme in just 3 steps


What I'am talking about is the default theme that blogger provided to you.

So this is just the Basic, there are no XML or any other HTML knowledge required Just Follow this steps In Changing Blogger theme (Basic)

Step 1: Go to Blogger>Layout>Pick New Template

Step 2: Pick your Desired Template.

Step 3: Click "Save"

So if your not satisfied in Blogger Basic Theme you can Go Advance.

Check out this post:

How to Install a Blogger XML template.
Where can I Download Blogger XML Templates.


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  2. In a new interface you need to click on the template section and then go to Backup/restore. Backup your old template and upload your new template. Make sure your new template has .XML file


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