Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Use Anchor Text Properly For Good SEO

Here I will teach you

how to use Anchor Text Properly


First I will Give you a Good and bad Sample of an Anchor Text

Remember in


you are

optimizing a Keyword

For a better


. So if you are Going to Make an

Anchor Tag

Be Sure You Include the most Relevant Keyword of the post the

Anchor Tag

leads too.



Good Anchor Tag

Linking our Site Would be
<a href="http://yimzwik.blogspot.com/">yimzwik - Make money Online</a>


BAD Anchor Tag

Linking our Site Would be
<a href="http://yimzwik.blogspot.com/">Click Here</a>

Remember that the

Anchor text

must Reflect the Content.


Good Example Site in Using Anchor Text

properly is yimzwik - Make Money Online. As you can See Most of The page links to other page with the correct Anchor Text. Just Go and examine the site.

Next I will talk About How Anchor text Affect the SERPs.

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