Saturday, April 25, 2009

Posting a Blog Post | Blogger | Basic

Here i will Give you the step by step guid on how to post on your Blog in Blogger.

Step 1: Go To Blogger>Posting>Create

Step 2: Write the Title of your Post in the Tittle Section
- Be Sure the Tittle is relevant to your post
- Do Not Use Tittles Like "Post 1" "Post 2", as I said. Be sure the tittle is relevant to your post.
- Be Creative

Step 3: Write The Content of you Post in The Biggest box.
Be Sure you Check you Spelling.
- Do not Leave this Blank.
- Tittle and the post Must be relevant to each other.

Step 4: Add a Label in "Label for this post".
- This will be listed on the Category Widget if you have one.

Reminder, you must post Related Topic of what your blog is About. Don't go too Random just to have a post in your Blog.

Post Some Quality Content or that has sense.

Remember in Make Money Online Level 2 we Choose What to blog or what topic are we going to talk about. Don't go too much Random to your Blog.

Hope it Helps to you. But this is Just the Basic. And remember Basic is the key to advance ^^

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