Saturday, April 25, 2009

how to select a Good Niche or topic for your blog | Level 1

Before Starting Registering in blogger we must know

What to Blog


Think 1st... what I am Good at? What d0 I want in life?

Here are some

Tips in selecting a good Niche


Tip 1: What are you good at?

Tip 2: Choose a topic your passionate with.

Tip 3: it’s better to have experience on what you’re going to show and talk about.

If you Like and you have a Good knowledge what you are Going to Blog, you will not be bored or you will enjoy blogging.

Making Money Online with Blog is Not that fast, 1 week? no It takes Months or Sometimes A year to make A real money Online.

But Don't be Discourage. As I said, "If you love what you are Blogging" you will not notice the Time and Date. you will Just Wake Up you are making money online.

So there you have a basic knowledge in

selecting a good niche

. Hope it helps!!

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