Saturday, May 16, 2009

How to Get 300 or more Twitter Followers in Just one Day

When i Start using twitter this is the First thing comes to my mind.

"Maybe if i follow 1000+ people then there will be a chance that they will follow me also"

And guest what?.. after following 1000+ people in just one day. I got a response of almost 300+ people.

I think that's not bad.

Here is a Tip: Go to a Person that is more than 2000+ followers and must be active. then add all his/her followers.

Me I go to a twilight profile and add the followers of twilight there. You can try other twitter profile if you want.

If you want you can unfollow them after they followed you but its up to you.

So yhe that's it. Kinda struggle to do but you can try it.

you can follow me on twitter Here.

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