Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kate Gosselin On Jon’s Cheating Scandal “The TODAY Show” (VIDEO)

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Jon & Kate Plus Scandal!!

On The TODAY Show Thursday, correspondent Meredith Vieira spoke with Kate Gosselin, star of the TLC reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8, about the recent tabloid reports that her husband, Jon Gosselin, has been having an affair with 23-year-old third grade teacher Deanna Hummel.

The mother of eight told Meredith that despite video and photo footage — which show her husband in the company of the younger woman — she is “very hesitant” to believe that Jon would be unfaithful to her.

Girl, please!

Our kids are centrally in our focus, they always have been. They are very much loved, very well cared for…that will be how it’s going to be,” Kate said.

Jon, for his part, has vehemently denied claims that he is cheating on his wife.

So does Deanna, who told PEOPLE on Wednesday that her older brother — a convicted felon — sold the story to Us Weekly in exchange for a big payday.

She insists that she and Jon are only friends.

“My brother is making this all up,” Hummel told PEOPLE. “He has no credibility … I can’t even stomach the lies he’s saying about me.” “My brother is very shady,” she added. “He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution. He’s on probation right now.”

Jason Hummel, 28, claims he overheard his sister having sex with the married reality star.

“I’m so hurt that he put my occupation out there. He has put my job in jeopardy. I can’t take my kids to recess without worrying that people will come up and harass me and the other teachers. It’s not fair.”

In February, a group of Pennsylvania college coeds accused the TV pop of skirt-chasing behind Kate’s back. He was even alleged to have told the perky twentysomethings that he and Kate were in the middle of a divorce. Since this is the second time Jon has been accused of stepping out on his family, we’re not sure what to make of the most recent allegations.

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