Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making the Best For Mothers day

There is no rule in making your mother happy this mothers day. Actually i will share you what i Did this mothers day.

I know my mother loves food Like Pizza or ice cream and cakes. She is not in dress or makeup and something. and i know giving my mother a treat in some restaurant will give here happiness.

I decided that i will Buy here some Overloaded Pizza worth just 600pesos and we will eat here with my whole family, except my dad because he is an OFW. I think its the best simple way to give my mother a good mothers day gift.

But earlier this morning. I just great here with a kiss and that make my mother smile and it makes me happy to.

But where do i get my money? I got my Money in Blogging.
So why I am Blogging For? Its For the happiness of others and happiness to my self.

So Give your mother the best mothers day in your own way. Nothing is simple when i comes to Loving and sharing.

To All Mothers... Happy Mothers Day!!!

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