Saturday, May 9, 2009

How to keep visitors coming back to your Blog

You finished doing Make Money Online Level 1 or 2 but your visitor is not that much... they go in and out and your bounce rate is kinda high and they don't even come back... So what are you going to do?

Just read This Article and maybe you will find out more on How to keep visitors coming back to your Blog.

Tip no. 1: Readers need something that's why the search the internet. Maybe its a good joke or some advice. So Give your readers an answer to there questions.

If you have a Make Money Online site then give them some tips on how to boost your blog traffic or something like How to make money online in just 3 days.

It is also helpful if you wright your personal experience when it comes to making money. It depends on what is your blog all about.

Tip no. 2: Creating a new content is one of the most important way on making the visitors come back. Your readers will really appreciate it especially when they like your first few post.

Take note that you can specify on your own when you will be blogging like once a week twice or every day. Just make sure you stick to it. This will give your visitor a clue or a mark that on every monday and friday they will visit your blog to see a new post.

But for me, posting every day is the best. So every time the reader return to visit your blog you have a fresh content to feed them. This is the best known and most effective way to attract visitors, but also the least carried out, due to the laziness of Bloggers. Nobody want to find a site that has the same over ten years. :D

I hope this Helps. Thanks for reading and if you care to drop a comment just put it bellow.

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