Sunday, June 20, 2010

Army Wives Season 4 - Sneak Peek and Promotional Pictures For Season 4 Episode 4 - Be All You Can Be

Army Wives on Lifetime is one of my favorite television series. I became hooked after seeing season one on DVD, and I have been a fan ever since. Season four is well underway, airing Sunday nights at 10pm on Lifetime, and the next all-new episode is this Sunday night, May 2nd.

Army Wives 4.04 is titled Be All You Can Be, and we get deeper into the marital problems one of the Army wives. Pam will have to choose her life on base, or she will have to leave it all behind. The series follows a group of wives and one husband as they deal with life on an army base. Their lives and the challenges they have faced have made for good television over the last few years for me.

The full description of the episode from Lifetime is as follows: While visiting a college campus with Emmalin, Claudia Joy runs into and old friend and begins to think about her own future. Roland prepares for Sara Elizabeth’s first birthday which he feels needs to be perfect for Joan, who will be watching the party by video chat. Pamela seeks information on how her life would be affected if she and Chase got a divorce. Denise gets a late night call of suspected domestic abuse.

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