Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How to Make Easy Money From AdSense

Google AdSense is a marketing site that pays advertisers a share of whatever sales or earnings the program generates from their sites. You too, can earn easily from Google AdSense just by displaying their ads in your website or blog.

How can you make easy money from AdSense?

Choose an ad size that you could easily place on the above the fold in the left upper portion of your site. This is because it is the upper left where most readers would start reading.

Choose a color and design that fits with the color and theme of your site. It has been observed that the less the ad looks like an ad, the more successful it is.

Use the same background color of your site and the Google ad. This would blend the ad smoothly with your site theme making it appear as a part of your post.

Use as many ads as allowed per page. Ascertain though that you do not go over the accepted number of ads per page. Proper placement of the ads should be implemented so that your venture will pay handsomely.

The placement of ads is very crucial to the success of the ad campaign. Experiment to determine which placement earns the most.

Sometimes text links yield more earnings than content ads or image ads. There are instances though that image ads earn more and cases in which the content ads earn more. These denote that each type of ad has an appropriate placement category. Learn to adjust your ads according to your content and topic.

Millions of website owners and bloggers earn huge income from Google AdSense. How to make easy money from Google AdSense is feasible and completely attainable. You just have to be a smart marketer, willing to explore all avenues of displaying your Google ads.

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