Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Blog Entry for Infolinks Dream On contest

Wow, this really excites me. After reading an email from infolinks about this Dream On contest, it really excites me to write up this article.

So lets start with the first question "1. What about Infolinks makes you happy?"

Well I am happy when I receive my money from infolinks because this is where I get my allowance for my hosting and other stuff. It also makes me happy when I receive an email support from Infolinks because as a publisher I feel like they care about me. And that's what Infolinks make me happy.

Second question is "What can Infolinks do to make you happy, really happy?"

When I read the question "What can Infolinks do to make you happy, really happy?" I really do think what Infolinks can make me really happy. The first things that goes to my mind is some kind of a trip to Singapore or if Infolinks give me a nice car and give me a million dollar or can Infolinks get me a girl friend (because I don't have one) or make me a Hollywood star. But that is just all of the wild things that goes on to my mind. Yha it can all make me happy but what Infolinks do to make me REALLY happy?

I'm a fresh graduate of BS in Information Technology last April and I haven't applied for any company at all. I think that it will really make me happy if I can be a part of Infolinks. I don't know if it is possible but it will really make me happy if I can be part or employed on Infolinks.

Thank you Infolinks. as you said "Just dream on…"


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