Sunday, June 20, 2010

How to Get Traffic to Your Website and Have Repeat Visitors

1) Your website's homepage message

The big mistake 95% of website owners try and sell themselves and their expertise. People don't want to buy you and your knowledge, they want to buy a solution or outcome to to there problem or desire.

You are certain to fail if you try and sell yourself and what you know. Your homepage message should be benefit-oriented.
- What you can do for for your potential customer.
- How is your product or service beneficial to your customer.
What can you do for your customer? How can you make them better off after visiting your website?

2) Easy to use website

You have 7 seconds to grab and keep your future prospects attention. Your homepage should
-Explain clearly who you are and what you have to offer.
-Describe the benefit's your product or service has to offer.
Use images to show your potential customer's what you have to offer. Stimulate more than one of their senses.

A good website is easy to navigate, the layout is clear and easy for the user to understand.

A good mindset to have is "less is more" I see to many website's with to much going on that visitor's get overwhelmed and leave in search of another, more easier to navigate website.

3) Call to action

Guide your prospect's through the sale's process. What is the first thing your web user must do when they first land on your website? Welcome message? About page? F.A.Q page?

Educate them, give them free education,

Be bold and tell your web visitor what to do next, "go to my f.a.q page" "click here". Lead them, you may think you are being pushy, but people respect someone who leads them. Direct them to your e-mail address, so they can e-mail you for additional information, this will build customer confidence which is very important.

I have e-mail addresses that help me get to know my blog users

4) Make your homepage easy to navigate

A good website has easy to navigate option's and button's.

Have a pull down menu for each of your product's or service's, so customer's can find out more about your products and services without having to click first to find out. Use sidebars to help prospects navigate your website.

Use an interlinking strategy on your homepage, so if prospects hit the wrong button they can get back to the information they want, continue searching your website and ultimately purchase your products and services.

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