Thursday, June 17, 2010

Young Hollywood Has a New Winner! Children in Film Awards Child Actress, Dharbi Jens, Lifetime Membership as Winner of Headshot Contest.

Child Actress, 11 year old Dharbi Jens, is excited to accept the Lifetime Membership Award for her Theatrical Headshot. Catch her on Nutrition for Actors at

Winning Children in Film’s Lifetime Membership Award definitely confirms that little Miss Dharbi Jens is doing something right!

It’s a well known Hollywood fact that your Headshot is your business card. It’s what the casting directors see first. And it’s vital to capture the casting director’s attention when they are looking through 1,000 submissions. Thanks to the winning headshot taken by photographer John Michael Ferrari ( many doors will open for Dharbi Jens.

Moving is a big deal for most anyone. But, when you’re 11 years old and the move is all about you following your dream, you know you better have your act together … no pun intended. Dharbi Jens ( began her acting career in the small town of Fort Walton Beach, Florida under the teachings of Darla Briganti for Theatre and Ann Marie Crouch of AMC Talent (“Princess Shayla from The Power Rangers”) for Commercial and T.V. at 6 years old. She was encouraged to ‘Go to Hollywood.’ And, she’s done just that!

Prior to the move, her mother did all that she could to educate the family on exactly what Dharbi needed for the greatest chance of success. Extremely helpful in this regard was the the information provided by Ann Marie Crouch of AMC Talent and Children in Film Ann Marie provided the necessary basic training and personal experience, and Children in Film provided the 'World of Children Acting' all in one spot on the internet. Anything anyone needs to know about having their children act professionally can be found at Once armed with the necessary information, Dharbi and her Mom made that unbelievable move to Hollywood, CA.

While in Hollywood, Dharbi continues her training with personal acting and song performance coaches Pepper Jay and John Michael Ferrari ("Allison Iraheta," "Nikki Nova," "Montana Tucker"), Kimberly Crandall, (“ER,” “Criminal Minds,” “The Full Picture,”) from, Andrew Magarian from Simply Acting,, and voice-over coach, Academy Award Winner, Ned Lott ("Howl's Moving Castle," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Cars," "Chicken Little," "Finding Nemo," "The Incredibles") of Lott Productions.

In the very short time Dharbi has been in Hollywood, she's off like wildfire. Dharbi was "called back" on her first two commercial auditions and was placed "on avail" for one. She booked a hosting job on for "The Real Skinny about Dark Chocolate" and has made guest appearances on ActorsE Live Chat show on Dharbi has befriended veteran actor James Hong ("The Day The Earth Stood Still," "Kung Fu Panda," "Big Trouble in Little China"), veteran actor Joe Sabatino ("NYPD Blues," "24." "Raising the bar," PPrison Break"), producer/actor Derek Maki (Coolwaters Productions), and actor/host Danika Quinn ("TradeVine" on and "Tinsel on the Town," on, "PJTV," "The Hallway," "Redemption"). She also recently found out, that she made it to the second round on her first ever voice over audition for the animated Feature Film, "Zambezia," after being coached by Ned Lott.

We look forward to following Dharbi’s career.

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