Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ryan Naumenko, One of Australia's Most Wanted Talent Managers, is About to Clean Up the Streets

Ryan Naumenko, One of Australia's Most Wanted Talent Managers, is About to Clean Up the Streets

Ryan Naumenko, once involved with the wrong side of the law for various reasons, has now turned a new page in his book. He has plans to work with disadvantaged youth, and is quickly moving up the ranks within the Australian Music Industry.

June 17, 2010 -- Headed by father and son team, Victor and Ryan Naumenko, Infamous Entertainment Group (IEG est. 2008) is fast becoming one of Australia's most popular talent management agency's. IEG have managed people such as Christian Alexander, and currently have a full roster for 2010! This can only mean one thing; this company is built on solid foundries and is already a success.

Ryan Naumenko
Past media releases have explained what IEG do. Recently, it has been said Ryan Naumenko, co-director of the company, is planning on opening up a youth outreach centre in Melbourne, Australia; to help troubled teens and young people. In a hope to "clean up the streets", Ryan Naumenko is putting together an army of professionals to get this project happening. "There is no way I could do this by myself, but it's something I feel I have to do, so I have gotten in touch with contacts all around the globe to get the project rolling." Some of these contacts are top 20 RnB performers, and international television personalities. The tentacles of IEG spread far and wide, there is definitely no underestimating this powerhouse Australian company.

Ryan Naumenko, has seen and also been on the wrong side of the tracks many times in his life. Because of this, he realises the need for something to be done to fix Melbourne's troubled streets. "I look around and see teenagers doing the wrong thing everywhere I go, I've always wanted to help young people and get them off the streets (and whatever they are on). With the experience and position I now have, coupled with my experience on both sides of the law, my plan is to set up somewhat of a youth centre." This as Ryan explained to me, is something he is currently working on funding independently, and has already approached relevant agencies. "It's just a matter of permits and funding, when it's approved I plan to make a big dent in the types of crime these young people are committing in Melbourne". By bringing music and hope to the lives of young people, Ryan Naumenko says "Really, we can't go wrong. I have the passion to do help Melbourne youth, and if it meant changing the life of one young person, it would be a case of mission complete".

Finally, as Ryan Naumenko explains "I have been inside, and I know what it's like. People like to judge because of this, but myself and my father are the ones investing into our artists careers, and all are so far doing extremely well! In addition, because I know first hand what prison is like, with this youth centre (in planning) I believe I can make a change in the lives of so many."

For interviews with either Ryan or Victor Naumenko, or to find out more about the planned youth centre in Melbourne, please email themusicinsider (at) hotmail (dot) com or contact Ryan Naumenko direct on mistahinfamous (at) live (dot)

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