Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Avoid Duplicated Content

Here we willl Discus What is Duplicated Content is all About and how to Avoid having a Duplicated Content.

So here are the Guids on How to Avoid Duplicated Content

Remember: Google will get your PR penalize when they determine that is a duplicated Content.

Do not Let other people copy your original Content

making a good quality Content or even original content is a very hard work. if Other Copy your Content without any permission or payment it is declared as stolen.

How to Check if you have a Duplicated Content

Visit Just enter your URL and your Done.

Also Visit Google Webmasters Tools Ill Make A tutorial for Webmasters Tools later.

How to Avoid Duplicated Content

- Put a Copyright Notice on the bottom of your post.
- When you have an article to get republished on other sites send them in a text format. (Articles are a great way to quality incoming links by the way!) This ensures that when the article is republished it will be reformatted and viewed by the search spiders as original.
- If you have multiple domains that point to the same site content take advantage of permanent redirection. (301 status report) This informs the spider of the redirection so they understand you are not putting up duplicate content.

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