Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Control Your Backlinks Anchor Text

There is a an easy Steps in Control Your Backlinks Anchor Text

Lets Start!!!

Method 1: Exchange of Links, also known as Exchange Links or XLinks.
- Exchange Link is the Most Popular among Bloggers. Exchange Links goes Like this
I Put your Link To My Site you Put My Link to your Site

This is a Give and Take Method to All Blogger and the most Fastest way to Gain Back Links.

Method 2: By Placing a footer link Bellow your post. Just Place a Simple Note that looks like this:
Example This Article. If i will put a footer link to this post i will do it like this
Copy and Paste This Code To your Blog:
<a href="">How to Control Your Backlinks Anchor Text</a>

So That's A two simple method that you can use to Control your Backlinks.

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