Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Join the Blogosphere

In joining Blogosphere you should be a ProBlogger and you must earn $2000 in your Blog Income. membership fee is required for you to be accommodated by other ProBlogger.

if you Join Blogosphere your Blog Income will raise to x3 of your daily revenue because ProBloggers will help you and teach you how to get more money in Blogging.

So That's a Joke

You don't have to pay anything or pay some membership fee in joining Blogosphere.

Bloggers who actively publish content to their blogs operate in an online community called the blogosphere.

When you start your blog, you automatically become a member of the blogosphere community. As a member of the growing social Web, you can express your thoughts and opinions, interact with like-minded people, and more simply by writing your own blog, responding to comments left on your blog, and even leaving comments on other blogs that you enjoy reading.

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