Friday, May 1, 2009

Millions of People are Blogging, why?

There are many reasons why people are blogging but remember that there is no wrong reason o start a blog, because every blog that people made is made by there own choice.

Did you know that:
There are over 14 million Blogger Blogs were active as of June 2008

Here Are Some reasons why people do Blog:

To Build a Business - Online Business is very comfortable its because its open 24/7. It makes your customer aware of what your business is doing and the goal for business blogs is typically to provide content that makes customers feel valued, which should translate into sales.

To Make Money - Making Money online makes peoples work more easy. People start blogs as simply a way to generate a passive income from blog advertising and other blog
monetization efforts.

To Establish an Online Portfolio - many people write blogs to establish or build a reputation in their fields as someone with unique expertise. By establishing yourself as an expert or at least as someone who is knowledgeable in a specific field, you can open doors for new opportunities in career advancement and more.

To help people - Many Blogs are for education proposes, written with the intention of educating people about a topic or changing the way people think about a topic.

For fun - many people Blog Just For Fun. Whether they just want to share ideas and thoughts with friends and family or simply want a creative outlet to talk about a subject they love, a large number of bloggers write their blogs as a hobby.

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