Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Optimizing your post using SEO techniques

Here I will Teach you How To easily optimize your post using this very easy SEO technique.

Internal Linking

We Will start in What you Called Internal Linking.
- What Is Internal Link?

(Visit This Post)

If you Link your post to another post, this will help in reference for your old posts.

you can also use inbound links in your blog posts to guide your readers to your best content. It takes some creativity and thought to link from a blog post to another, but it's worth it.

When linking between blog posts, use keywords in your anchor text. However, don't overdo the same keyword. Instead, use many related terms and synonyms.

Observe the above paragraph, this is an example of making an internal link. I Link the word "Anchor text" to my post "What is Anchor Text".

As you can see you can think of, if your reader don't know what is anchor text then its a possibility that they will click the link to know what the word mean.

Post Content

This is Just a simple Tip when writing your Post.
Just insert your primary keyword(s) in the opening paragraph. This encourages the search engine visitor to continue reading. Insert related keywords (that you find in your keyword research) throughout the post. This keeps you from keyword spamming. Also, you'll rank for more search terms.

Your Image Alt tag

See This Post: How to Use Alt Tag and What is Alt tag

So That's It. Just a Simple techniques but a very useful and worth working for. Practice this steps and your blog will have a good chance in Ranking in Google.

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