Monday, May 4, 2009

Rockets vs. Lakers Preview

Keyword: Rockets vs. Lakers

I don't agree with many members of the basketball media who believe the Lakers will steamroll the Rockets in this semifinal series. Yes, the Lakers have Kobe Bryant and a well-balanced offensive attack; but, if the Lakers decide to defend Yao Ming one-on-one, L.A. is in trouble.

Pau Gasol cannot defend Yao Ming 1-on-1. Neither can Andrew Bynum. In this series, Yao Ming should dominate LA's big men -- if he's given the opportunity, both by the Lakers and his own Rockets' teammates.

Yao needs to be the Rockets' first option on offense. Yao needs to be the Rockets second option on offense.

If Phil Jackson opts to defend Yao 1-on-1, the rest of the Rockets need to pass the ball to Yao as often as possible and allow Yao to go to work. If Yao isn't scoring, let him facilitate the offense by passing to open teammates.

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