Monday, May 4, 2009

Troy Bellar killed Wendy Bellar, Ryan Bellar and Zack Bellar

Troy Ryan Bellar, 34, fatally shot his wife and two sons before committing suicide on Sunday night, May 3. The Bellar family lived in Lakeland, Florida. Troy Bellar killed his wife, Wendy Bellar, 31, and one son, Ryan Patrick Bellar, 7 years old and another son, Zack James Bellar, 5 months old. A third son, 13 years old, ran away to his neighbor’s house to seek refuge.

Wendy Bellar had a domestic argument with her husband. When Mrs Bellar tried to leave home with two of their children, Troy Bellar shot at them. Police are trying to determine exactly what happened and who got shot at first. Nathan Bellar, the 13 year old boy, ran away from home while being chased and shot at by his father. Nathan Bellar is now living with his family members.

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