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Best Google Adsense Alternatives

If you have been banned from Google Adsense or are not able to get approved you may want to consider using some Adsense alternatives in your monetization mix. This mostly applies to website owners and blog owners since they choose their type of monetization. Article writers generally do not have the choice.

The reason you may want to consider some Google Adsense alternatives is that they(including Adsense) are great low maintenance methods to make money from a website or blog that produce a good ROI or return on investment. All you have to do is copy and past Google’s JavaScript onto your pages and Google searches its database of advertisers from adwords and delivers the most relevant targeted ads.

In this article I am going to discuss some reasons to consider using alternatives to ad sense, some reasons you may not want to use alternatives, as well as a list of the best alternatives available.

Reasons to Consider Google Adsense Alternatives

  • High Minimum Payout
  • Low Revenue Sharing
  • Deactivated Account
High Minimum Payout
One of the biggest disadvantages to Google Adsense is the high minimum payout. You have to accumulate at least $100 in earnings to be able to request your money. This can take small publishers several months to achieve. No one wants to wait that long to collect their hard earned money. Either way you still get your money though.

Low Revenue Sharing Percentage
Also, there is another reason to consider using a different pay per click network. There is a lot of discussion out there about Google keeping a large percentage of the revenue from clicks. If you did not know Google Adsense is a revenue sharing program. That means Google and the publisher split the revenue from clicks. The percentages each gets is unknown because Google does not disclose that information.
While you may get to keep more of the revenue from clicks as a member of a different ad network, if you are getting significantly more clicks with Adsense, you may make more money overall.

Banned Account
The most common reason publishers consider Google Adsense alternatives is because they get their account deactivated. Google is strict when it comes to their terms of service. If they suspect that you have broken any rule they will not hesitate to deactivate your account without notice. The main reason for account deactivation is the suspicion of click fraud or webmaster clicking their own ads.
Reasons to Stick With Adsense

  • Ad Diversity
  • Ease of Use
  • Many Options
Ad Diversity
There are several legitimate reasons one might want to consider some Adsense Alternatives. However, there are some reasons that you may want to stick with Adsense. As mentioned earlier Google is the largest pay per click network made of advertisers(adwords) and publishers(adsense).
What this means for publishers is that their visitors are not likely to see the same ads on every page of their website. Since most Google Adsense users implement ads on most, if not all of their pages, this means more clicks. As you know with pay per click the more clicks you get the more money you earn.

Ease of Use
One of the most attractive things about adsense is how easy it is to use. Not only is it easy to set up but it is incredibly easy to customize your ad units. If you want to change sizes and colors you can do so within minutes. Google now allows you to edit your ad units from inside your ad sense account rather than having to go in and manually edit every page of your website. This is a huge time saver especially for bigger sites. Most pay per click ad networks do not allow you to do this.
Multiple Options
There are many options when using Google Adsense. You place the ads on a lot more than just content pages. You can use Adsense to monetize RSS feeds, parked domains, mobile WebPages, and create a site search engine that makes you money while offering your visitors a convenient way to search for information on your site using Google’s search algorithms. If you want to use Adsense on everything but content pages that may work well too.

Google Adsense Alternatives

Below is a list of the top 5 alternatives to adsense.

1. Yahoo Overture
Yahoo Overture is by far the best of all Alternatives to Google Adsense. It works the same way that Adsense works in that you place some Javascript on your website or blog and pay per click ads Appear. Yahoo also has a big database of advertisers which means more ad diversity.

2. Ad Brite
Ad Brite is a great alternative. They are known for their fair revenue sharing program with publishers. While google does not disclose the amount of revenue you get Ad brite does. You earn 75% of the revenue which is surely higher than Adsense.

3. Chitika
Another great alternative is Chikita. It is best served for website’s that that are based in a niche that sells a lot of products. This is better used in conjunction with something than just by itself.

4. Bidvertiser
Bidvertiser is one of the most reputable Google Adsense Alternatives. They offer a lot of options as far as ad formats. You can even create your own design with the free design tool. They have a low minimum payout of $10, way less than Google.

5. Shopping.com
This is the newest alternative to appear on the net and is creating a buzz. Many publishers are switching from adsense to Shopping.com as their primary source of income. Their revenue sharing programs delivers big payouts.

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