Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bleach 236 / Bleach 236 Episode Raw English Sub

Another much anticipated episode of Bleach is here! We were all waiting to catch up Bleach 236 and it is set to air on September 8, 2009 on that is Tuesday. Inception of Bleach took place in October 2004 and since then it has only perked up viewers all across the world. Although it is a Japanese Anime aired in Tokyo, there are millions of viewers wanting to catch the English subbed version. Release! The New Getsuga Tensho” is the title given to Bleach 236 Raw English Sub. Every episode of bleach has something unique to offer for the next episode and this is the quality seen rare in any anime show.

Bleach 236 Raw title is “Release! The New Getsuga Tensho”. The English sub title of Bleach episode 236 is “Hanate! Arata naru Getsuga Tensho”. The subbed version is usually released within in 24 hours of the raw release. So make sure you catch your favorite anime on time!

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