Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Brother 11 Final HOH

On Day 66 of Big Brother 11, we saw Michelle get eliminated. And the final three houseguests are named: Jordan, Kevin and Natalie. Only one among this three competitors will be named the Big Brother 11 winner and will go home with the grand prize. So far, here are the recent events that took place inside the Big Brother house: The final three are in an endurance competition called "Log Roll" in which the three houseguests must hold onto their key hanging above them while a 'log' below them rolls backwards and forwards. Jordan falls first, followed by Natalie meaning that Kevin won the first part of the three part final HoH competition.

With only a few challenges and episodes left, would you dare to miss any of the upcoming Big Brother 11 episodes? If I were you, I'll just watch them all to find out who among Jordan, Kevin and Natalie will be declared as the winner. My bet, well I go for Kevin.

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