Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Taking A Good Look At Corporate Blogging

Blogging has become one of the main cores of Internet today. You can even see how much it has grown from just a simple and personal online tool into maybe one of its most effective uses, which is corporate blogging. Yes indeed, weblogs have penetrated the business scene in many ways possible. Although business blogging promises a lot and is quite useful, it is also that risky. So a lot of careful thought and attention must be given to it as well.

What businessmen should remember is that corporate blogging, somehow just like work from home, can be very much successful if they know what to do and how to do it right. However, it can also be the cause of a person’s downfall or the end of his corporate career if even just the smallest wrong move is done. Simply put, these blogs are like double-edged swords. They can either make or break you or the company.

Perhaps the biggest risk of the company with corporate blogging involves the sharing of information. Some information are safe to disclose to the public while some are very much important and confidential. Folks who are in charge of this blogging activity must be extra cautious in terms of what details they should share with their consumers and the audience.

Before, it was just a small group of corporate individuals tasked to take charge of this. However, since blogging was made pretty much available to anyone inside the company, the only thing left to do is for this group to prevent other employees from leaking out any classified information as much as possible. Otherwise, that can be a serious problem.

Examples of the kind of information that shouldn’t go public include the company’s upcoming projects or products that the crowd must not know yet until completed. Moreover, competitors are always on the look-out of anything that they might gain from you, be it future plans, confidential reports, progress data, etc. As long as they can use it either against you or to their own advantage, those people won’t stop until they can get their hands on something.

One may recommend limiting company workers from accessing blogs or imposing restrictions but, this is actually not a good idea considering how useful corporate blogging is to the company, just like how beneficial simple blogging is to someone’s work from home. Come to think of it, there is a good reason why business blogging is still being used by most companies despite the looming risks.

Blogging is one effective way to establish communication between the company and the consumers. With those company blogs, loyal customers and random onlookers can pretty much leave their questions and comments that can be addressed later on by those in charge for that. Imagine how many potential clients you can cover by doing blogs alone. Surely, there are many other ways to keep in touch with your consumers, but considering the growing community of bloggers and its huge following, blogging just seems to be the right thing to do.

Blogs are able to help in creating, maintaining and promoting healthy relationship between the company itself and its clients and we all know that is something really important in doing business. Nonetheless, there should be a line drawn between what you can share and what you should just keep to yourself.

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