Thursday, September 3, 2009

CJ Koegel: Real World Cancun Episode 11

Another episode of “Real World: Cancun” aired last night and it looks like it had no shortage of drama. And now that the Student City job has finally ended, it was time for all of the roommates, to sit back, relax and party as much as they can.

And according to, CJ has been preparing to go to Las Vegas, for a try-out that some scouts from the NFL are apparently attending. The other roommates said they admired how disciplined he has been whilst he has been preparing.

CJ then announced that he had got tickets, so Derek and Bronne could join him on his trip to Las Vegas. But whilst they were on a shuttle-ride back to the hotel, CJ decided to punch some guy in the face, for apparently picking on Derek.

The day after it happened, security came and took CJ. They also had the guy that CJ had punched with them. But of course, CJ and Derek both denied knowing the young man. CJ was then put in jail and told he would stay there for 36 hours.

The only way CJ could get out, was if he had 1800 pesos worth of bail money. Derek and Bronne helped him out and he was released. And things appeared to kick off with Bronne and Emilee, after she tore his zombie magazine up.

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