Sunday, September 27, 2009

Know your Memes

ImageLast month we took a closer look at the pheonemon of Mudkipz, which sat at the number five position of the best memes of all time. This month we take a look at the catchphrase that bumped Dragonball Z back into the spotlight.

At the number 4 position: “It’s OVER 9000!!!!!”

* * * * *

For many North American anime fans, one of the staples of our childhood was Dragonball Z. Love it or hate it, Dragonball was one of the pioneers of anime in America and is one of the few series that non-anime fans might have heard of. I won’t bore you with every single plot detail or the sheer number of fights, but what is important about DBZ in this case is that it was under the control of two different dubbing companies during its run in the US: the Ocean Group and later Funimation. It was the Ocean Group’s version of the series that aired for the first 70 episodes or so, and it is from this version that the infamous line will appear.
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