Thursday, September 3, 2009

Big Brother 11: Latest Buzz In The House

Do you watch the “Big Brother 11” live feed? If you do, then you may already know what has been going on in the house recently. But if you don’t and you would rather not know, then you may not want to read any further, as it may spoil it for you.

It appears that alcohol isn’t making a very nice person out of Natalie and that was proved again last night, when she got a bit tipsy and according to, started to be mean to the other houseguests. She seemed to be throwing insults in every direction.

Whilst alone with Kevin, who has also turned against her, Natalie admitted to being “drunk.” And while playing a game of 31, she goes a bit over-the-top and tries to cheat, saying that there are special rules for her. But Michelle soon put her straight.

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