Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make money selling advertising space

Make money selling advertising space

The idea behind it is to offer free information from your web site to pull in high volumes of traffic. Once you've achieved that, advertisers would pay you to display their advertisements on your site. This is probably one of the oldest and most hyped ways to make money without money.
It worked really well until the end of 2000. It's how Yahoo became big. With the dotcom bust in 2000, even Yahoo was forced to look to alternative revenue streams. Advertisers began to realize that, in most cases, web advertising is just not cost effective.

Nowadays most people don't click ads right?


Wrong! There's life in this old machine yet...

Contextual advertising (like Google's AdSense program) offers a real alternative to traditional advertising - and many web site owners are rediscovering this tried and tested way of making money from their web sites.

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