Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Phantom 23 sub / Watch Phantom Requiem for the Phantom Episode 22 English Raw

Phantom 23 sub. Your favorite anime is back with another action packed episode. Phantom 23 sub is entitled “Decision” while the Raw version is entitled “Ketsudan”. Phantom Requiem for the Phantom 22 Sub will be hitting the screens on the 3rd of September 2009. So keep an eye on the release date guys, for this will be a great episode again that will be loved by all Phantom fans.

In this upcoming episode, Elen and Cal draw their weapons which will open a good match between them. Reiji attempts to convince Cal to end the drawn battle but he failed to persuade Cal. The battle then ended when Lizzie intruded and convinces Cal to leave. Reiji warns Shiga using Mio to commend Inferno not to attempt to try anything. Meanwhile, Cal unleashed her deepest thoughts as well as the reason for being an assassin during a talk with Lizzie. Don’t miss this episode guys. Watch Phantom Requiem for the Phantom Episode 22 English Raw.

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