Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Make money selling your own product


Make money selling your own product

Yes, you can do this without spending money. This is the path most small business take - and probably the most profitable one.

It is also the most difficult one of the 4 ways to make money without money. It's difficult and time-consuming. If you're forced to do it without a budget, it will be even more time-consuming. But you're determined to build a profitable, long-term Internet business, right? Hard work is not a problem. Right?

The most difficult part of this method is the product development.

What can you make without spending a penny? Something that people will still buy from you?

The answer lies in information products. We all have marketable skills. You're an expert in something.

Do you know a lot about cars?
Write a mini-book on basic engine maintenance.

Know a lot about kids?
Write a book called "101 Ways To Keep 2-year olds entertained" - you've already got your first buyer right here!

This is really doable. There are people who'd pay to know what you know.

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